• Dentists & Dental Technicians come directly to you! Dentists & Dental Technicians come directly to you! You never have to leave the comfort of your home.
Lifetime Guarantee on All Standard & Deluxe Dentures

We Understand!

Our doctors understand the struggle of traveling to the dentist office and back to your place of residence or nursing home several times to get your new dentures.

That's why we come to you!

Quick and Easy

We will bring the doctor’s office straight to you. No hassles, no problems. What's not to love about our quick two to three appointment turnaround time on new dentures! Call today and schedule your FREE denture evaluation.

Qualified, Certified

All our doctors are fully credentialed and JACHO certified, with extensive experience and practice in the nursing home environment. Denture Solutions is a Certified Medicaid Provider. Our exclusive focus is your denture needs.

Many Services

Repair or reline your dentures the same day that we receive them and we can duplicate your existing dentures for a spare set. We offer a multitude of bed-side and laboratory procedures. Getting new dentures has never been easier!

Never go without your dentures again.

Let us be the solution to all your dental needs!