Denture Services

All our standard and deluxe denture appliances
are guaranteed against breakage for life.

The deluxe denture features a customized tooth placement to allow an individualized appearance with the highest quality teeth to with stand more rigorous wear and function. Patient satisfaction is guaranteed!

Additional Services


All patients receive full mouth x-ray in order to properly evaluate any underlying decay, abscesses or Dental Bone loss disease. Our portable x-ray equipment allows out licensed radiographer to take those images in the comfort of your living environment.

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth are [CHECK] and polished on the initial visit, and any areas of gum disease or soft tissue concern are discussed and additional treatment recommended.


Fillings are only white, non-mercury filling material are used by our doctors. Self-adhesive bonded composite and glass-ionomer help restore your natural tooth to an improved level of comfort and function.


Only when necessary is a tooth removal recommended. Our doctors are skilled and trained to administer anesthetic to numb the area before any extraction is performed. Recommendations on the best replacements available are made ranging from full dentures to partials (rigid or flexible) to fixed implants

Hard Reline

An impression of the gum tissue is taken with the patient’s denture and sent to our laboratory to process a new acrylic denture base under high pressure and heat. This guarantees a long lasting, high quality, dimensionally stable denture appliance.

Soft Reline

Is recommended for resorbed ridges to provide a cushioned contact with the gum tissues and provide additional chewing comfort. Laboratory processing insures longer lasting fit and stability then the bed-side soft reline material allows.


We are able to fix most problems that may have occurred such as, dentures broken in half, shattered, flange repair or missing teeth.

Denture Cleaning

Let Denture Solutions professionally clean and refurbish dentures to their original luster and appearance.

ID Denture

Placing a permanent identification of the patients name into the denture base will help avoid any misplacement or loss.

Tissue Conditioning

A medicated soft impression material used to relieve pain, inflammation and swelling of the gum tissues usually associated with an ill fitting denture. Tissue conditioning immediately improves the quality of diseased gums while improving the denture appliances fit. Tissue effectiveness will last approximately 2-3 months.

Tooth Re-Shaping

As teeth flatten and wear down with age and chewing their function becomes less effective. This procedure will re-establish the tooth anatomy permitting improved chewing ability.

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