Denture Services

All our standard and deluxe denture appliances
are guaranteed against breakage for life.

The deluxe denture features a customized tooth placement to allow an individualized appearance with the highest quality teeth to with stand more rigorous wear and function. Patient satisfaction is guaranteed!

Laboratory Procedures

Denture Duplicating Duplicate

It is possible to make a duplicate or an exact copy of your denture inexpensively and quick. These dentures make it possible to keep a spare set tucked away. Our duplicated dentures are a copy of your current denture providing exactly the same fit.

Hard Reline

An impression of the gum tissue is taken with the patient’s denture and sent to our laboratory to process a new acrylic denture base under high pressure and heat. This guarantees a long lasting, high quality, dimensionally stable denture appliance.

Soft Reline

Is recommended for resorbed ridges to provide a cushioned contact with the gum tissues and provide additional chewing comfort. Laboratory processing insures longer lasting fit and stability then the bed-side soft reline material allows.

Flange Extension

Flange extension will provide additional support to a loose fitting denture. This is needed when the original denture base is lacking in adequate length to lock the denture in place with a suction grip. This procedure is only performed in conjunction with a hard reline and only when necessary to insure the best fit possible.

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